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Chicken Surprise

Two Cans Cream of Cheddar Soup 2 Empty cans of Mushroom Soup Broth 1 Empty can of Cream 4 frozen chicken breasts 4 servings of fettuccini 2 tablespoons garlic powder Low for 5 hours. Stir occasionally.


Recently in the news there have been vacationers and snowbirds complaining that our government is making them quarantine when they return home. Apparently it's too much to ask of our citizens. WHAT??!? This pandemic has been going on for almost a year now. You have been advised by multiple government bodies to STAY HOME, yet you have decided to travel.  This is YOUR issue, not the tax payers, not the Governments. It was YOUR choice to leave your home, now it's YOUR cost to quarantine when you get home.  It doesn't matter if you self isolate wherever you are staying or not, on your return you will be travelling with the general public.  You could afford to travel, you can afford to quarantine for a few days to ensure that you're not bringing a strain of the virus home with you.  Since this pandemic began, our family has led a solitary life. We haven't travelled farther than 100kms from home, let alone the province, or country. We have endured not spending time with p

Welcome to our world everyone!

My wife and I are in our forties living in Alberta. We have two wonderful kids, dogs and cats the whole ball of wax. Throughout our great marriage we have at times been broke and at times have lived very well. Sometimes too well if you know what I mean. Unfortunately we seem to be on a different wave lengths than some of our community. Whether that's in Alberta, Canada, or the world in general. We have very progressive feelings about a lot of things, however believe that our views don't need to be shared with everyone. This blog is about current events that we find in our news feeds that make us go HUH! It is not meant to offend, but more as an outlet for us to vent. If you like our ramblings, please read on. If not, please feel free to go away! If you are offended in any way by our rants, please don't return.  This is an outlet for our venting. You will not find statements that offend people of race, religion, sex, or any other minority group..