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Momma's Boy

 My son is technically an adult. I mean he is 18 and in the Navy. So I guess he can be called a grown-up. He left for basic training in September and wound up halfway across the country. After graduation, he was sent even further away. I guess I wouldn't call him a Momma's boy in the traditional sense. He is far too independent for that. He makes his own decisions and while I may be consulted from time to time, I wouldn't say he needs me to make decisions.  I do miss him terribly though.  The good news is that he is back for Christmas. A whole month! The bad news is that I have to share him with his friends and other members of my family. Including his girlfriend. And I am having a bit of a hard time with it. Not with her, she is a lovely person and she loves him very much. She makes him happy, and I am glad that he has her to talk to about the things he can't talk to me about.  Here is the rub. I am having problems sharing him. He has been home for three days. And she

Deep Breaths

 This time of year is always so busy.  Parties, shopping, kid performances, trying to stay warm and sane.  Everything is happening at the same time.  Which is somewhat contradictory. To me anyway.  It's cold, it's dark, and my basic instinct is telling me to stay home and hide from the people who don't live here.  This is a rough time of year for many people. Even if you remove the financial constraints to throw yourself into debt and make sure that all the people you love know how much you love them through the magic of material goods. That is if you have loved ones. If you don't everywhere you turn you are reminded that everyone has a happy family. Except you. Then your brain, the liar, starts to tell you all the things wrong with you and why you don't have a family. Or why you aren't good enough for your family, if you have one.  On top of all of the pressure we place on ourselves, there are social pressures. Invitations, expectations, work parties, and endle

Changes, or how I never thought I would miss the last guy.

 My word it has been a while.  Over the time I have not been here many things have changed, as they tend to do. And the other things that haven't changed are the ones that will bring you down.  Now, you know I can't resist talking at least a little about politics. So let's get that out of the way.  Alberta, we are on the cliff. As of July 1, 2022 (according to Google) our province's population was 4,543, 111. That is a lot of people. Through the magic of politics, 42000 people elected our current leader, on their sixth shot at it.  I am sure you know about our current leader. How can you go anywhere without hearing about her next try at speaking her truth into existence and then backtracking on what she said like a three year with red hands telling you that they aren't the one who got red paint all over your walls? I never thought I would be able to say anything positive about our last leader, but at least Kenbabe never seemed to be actively trying to tear our provi