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Fun With Tens Machines

 Stampede is here and everyone is distracted.  Even those of us that don't go wind up taking it easy, or slacking if we can. Unless you're driving. Then it's as though we are all trying to recreate every racing movie you've ever seen. Speed, diving into other lanes, disregard for all laws, and safe following distance. And indicating? Never heard of it.  Some of you may be wondering how that is different from most days on the Deerfoot. It just is. It isn't just the BMWs that ignore the little stick on the steering column. It doesn't help that we are having a full moon this week and that it is stupid hot. We haven't even had any of the good stampede afternoon thunderstorms to cool everyone down. It's a risky combination.  But here comes the upswing. There is something new at the stampede. I am not talking about the Kraft dinner soft serve or the fried chicken in pop rocks.  There is a new booth in the marketplace.  This one isn't selling knives or some

I prefer Dudley Do-Right

 Here comes another political post.  Gird your loins friends. As you are well aware the federal PC party is looking for a new leader. They said, "see you later loser" to Erin O'Toole months ago. According to the die-hards in his party, he was too liberal when he spoke on acceptance and how the party itself needs to move forward (and maybe a little scooch left) if it wanted to be a contender for becoming Canada's top party.  That was far too much and he was catapulted out. I bet he was hurt at the time but is now super relieved that he isn't the one that needs to herd all of the cats that are currently running to be the leader.  Let's start with Jean Charest. He seems to be the safe choice. He is the best choice to work on stopping the growing divide in our country. He acknowledges that the country can't continue this way if we ever want to work together. He comes with some issues though. He has been in the leader's seat before. In 1993 he was the leade