I prefer Dudley Do-Right

 Here comes another political post. 

Gird your loins friends.

As you are well aware the federal PC party is looking for a new leader. They said, "see you later loser" to Erin O'Toole months ago. According to the die-hards in his party, he was too liberal when he spoke on acceptance and how the party itself needs to move forward (and maybe a little scooch left) if it wanted to be a contender for becoming Canada's top party. 

That was far too much and he was catapulted out. I bet he was hurt at the time but is now super relieved that he isn't the one that needs to herd all of the cats that are currently running to be the leader. 

Let's start with Jean Charest. He seems to be the safe choice. He is the best choice to work on stopping the growing divide in our country. He acknowledges that the country can't continue this way if we ever want to work together. He comes with some issues though. He has been in the leader's seat before. In 1993 he was the leader of the now something else federal PC party. He held that seat until 1998 when he left federal politics (and the PC party) to become the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party. 

People can change, their opinions can change, and federal and provincial parties under different titles can have similar beliefs. 

The other notable runner in this race is a little more polarizing. If you have read any of my posts in the post, you will know how I feel about Pierre Poilievre. And he just keeps doubling down. He came out of the gate aggressively. Not content with only stating that he was running for leadership of the party, he went all in and declared that he was going straight for PM. 

PP loves cryptocurrency, never having a real job, stroking wood in bizarre ads, and being seen with certain groups of people who love talking about how their freedoms are being taken while driving across the country and trying to overthrow a democratically elected government. 

Do you remember Snidely Whiplash? Stay with me here. Snidely is the bad guy to Dudley Do-Right's lantern-jawed all good things Mountie. When he isn't tying the sweet and innocent Nell Fenwick to the literal train tracks, he is up to all sorts of bad. PP is Snidely and we are all Nell. 

Our country doesn't have a Dudley Do-Right waiting in the wings to save us from the approaching locomotive though. That is up to us. There are other people running for leadership of this party, but every time they get some momentum under them, they get taken down. Michelle Remple Garner and  Patrick Brown are just a couple of the dead-headed dandelions that dared grow a little too close to PP.

At this point, we need to believe that PP is showing his "best side" as he runs. All of the questionable things he is doing, all of the relationships he is grooming, this is how he is trying to impress us. Imagine what he is doing where we can't see. 

We are at a tipping point in this country, if you are conservative, or plan on voting that way, please, please, think of our future. Look at the states and look at our future if PP gets to be in the seat of power. Don't go with the flash, go with protecting ourselves and our country. 

I, for one, would like a leader that didn't put themselves first. It's been a while. As for the perfect candidate, there isn't one. There are better choices than PP though. It's time for him to fade back into the backbench and leave running the country to someone who isn't trying to destroy it. When it comes to PP, the call is coming from inside the house.  

Music Corner

It was hard picking a song for today. This topic makes me worry that we are (as I have said before) descending into some kind of Handmaid's Tale existence. And when I worry, I usually just put the music on shuffle and let it tell me what to listen to. 

Today though, I got thinking about how the average relationship with the government can feel one-sided and borderline abusive. And with that, I went with She La by the Canadian band 54-40. There aren't any fun facts or anything about this song. The lyrics speak for themselves. 

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