Welcome to our world everyone!

My wife and I are in our forties living in Alberta. We have two wonderful kids, dogs and cats the whole ball of wax. Throughout our great marriage we have at times been broke and at times have lived very well. Sometimes too well if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately we seem to be on a different wave lengths than some of our community. Whether that's in Alberta, Canada, or the world in general.

We have very progressive feelings about a lot of things, however believe that our views don't need to be shared with everyone.

This blog is about current events that we find in our news feeds that make us go HUH! It is not meant to offend, but more as an outlet for us to vent.

If you like our ramblings, please read on. If not, please feel free to go away! If you are offended in any way by our rants, please don't return. 

This is an outlet for our venting. You will not find statements that offend people of race, religion, sex, or any other minority group.. 


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