Racism vs Rodeo: The clowns won!

 Let me first start by apologizing to Canada. The events of yesterday's Alberta Legislature move should be on the front page of every newspaper in Canada. "Alberta's Done it Again!"

Yesterday our provincial governing party felt it better to nominate Rodeo as Alberta's sport than to debate whether or not to condone racism. WHAT??!? Did that just happen? Sadly yes it did.

I get that rural Albertans participate in rodeo events, and that we don't want to diminish that small town weekend appeal. I get it, I actually agree that Rodeo is part of Alberta's community. I have been to many rodeos, and watched many events. I get it. I don't quite know if it should be Alberta's sport, but hey "everyone's got a cowboy hat right!"

However to sideline a motion on racism in favour of this? How did that possibly happen? 

Every week we see more and more acts of violence and protests against minorities. This is happening in our province, not somewhere else, here in Alberta. Specifically in Calgary, the heart of the Wild West.

We MUST stand up to Racism, to Radicalism, to Bigotry, and any other form of action that demeans or portrays hatred to another group of people.  


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