Finding the HA! in hard

Hello, friendos!

Right now it is Thursday. Before I was laid off from a soul-sucking office job (I mean, really. My former boss might be a real-life Strzyga). Thursday was always my favourite day of the week. The evil music streaming service (that I still use) would put together a playlist of throwbacks, it is the day before Friday and good things just seemed to happen on Thursday. 

No matter what fresh hell I had been put through that week between the mind games, finger-pointing, and walking on eggshells Thursday kept me going. 

I think this is mostly because of my almost obsessive need to find the funny or bright side of things.

I didn't have the easiest childhood. Who among us did I guess. The one coping mechanism that always seemed to get me through was my finding that elusive silver lining. You don't have to have had a #tragicupbringing to try and find the good in everything, just the willingness to try. Even if sometimes you have to search a little harder. It does get easier. 

Here is another example, yesterday was the funeral of a close family friend. Due to group size restrictions, only 50 people were allowed to physically attend the service. The place the service was being held had a zoom option for the rest of us. I entered the "meeting room" and watched as many of the other viewers logged in. Most of my co-viewers were elderly and maybe at the beginning of the pandemic would not have even had the bravery to try to log in, now like the old hands at it that they are they all joined in. There were a few times were one of them managed to take over the meeting, or turned their mic on, or stayed in the nostril shot the whole time. The audio for the service was terrible. Instead of rage quitting, they stayed. No one could understand more than one word in five, and yet they stayed. In my cold, black heart it felt like they wanted to be there just for the community of being there. And I must say I was there for it. Most of my time I spent watching them watching the service. We have all been dwelling on the bad parts of our restrictions, but there was one small light. All of these tech-phobic folks logged on using a variety of devices. Something most of them would have been too nervous to do if it weren't for this being the only way to celebrate their friend. 

So I guess what I am trying to say (using far too many words) is that the negativity is winning, and we have to fight. So, if you need to take a minute and watch a kid fall on ice, or share a terrible meme, get after it. Find the light and share it. We are all together in this. 


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