Hospitals and schools, really?


This might not be the most fun post. I have an idea of where it's going but let us buckle in and tackle this together. 

I am not going to open a debate here about vaccination. Nor am I going to open one about restrictions. If you came here to fight, I am not the one today. 

As adults we are allowed to have differing opinions. It's your body, you do you boo. 

This is where I draw the line though.

A week ago in Salmon Arm BC,  anti-mask/vaxxers entered a school while children were attending classes. This prompted the school to go into lockdown. What kind of backwards pageantry would ever enter the mind of a sane person to think that the right place to put on this kind of show would need to take it to the children? The organizers of these sorts of events need to give their heads a collective shake. Schools should be a safe place. These protestors brought terror and confusion into those hallways. The worst part of it may be that they felt righteous in doing so. If they were up in arms about the planned vaccination clinic that was to take place at the school then worry about it when the kids aren't around. Or park themselves where the decision makers are. 

Then there are the hospital protests, oh man. The main point that I have heard from the protesting side is that their freedoms are being infringed upon. But, standing outside of hospitals intimidating those that need medical care is not infringing on the human right of medial treatment when needed? Do they really think that any government official or the rest of the public in general is going to immediately rally to their side when they are seen stopping people from accessing care? No one is taking away the protestors freedom to care when they get sick, why do they get to impede others? Don't get me started on the disparity in policing these protests either. I am heated enough.

It looks at least like some cooler heads will be prevailing though. In both BC and Quebec law makers are looking to address this issue. While I am glad that these sideshow tactics are being dealt with, it should never have ever come to this. We as a people are better than this.  

Remember when the pandemic first started (apart from toilet paper hoarding)? We could not do enough for each other. Our favorite songs were on hand washing posters. Senior shopping hours were put in place. We were all in this together. I know that gong back to those halcyon days may be asking too much when we are this divided. Let's take some simple steps. Wear your mask, or do grocery pick up. Try to remember that we are all going through this, no matter what side you're on. Or here's one for those that can't be bothered to get a simple shot; stay at home out of it! If the doctors, nurses, and people you know can't talk you into the shot; what makes you think you can talk others out of it. Protesting at a school or a hospital is not a good look, and isn't going to make more people join your side. In fact, it makes people question your sanity and humanity. 

This isn't going to be solved quickly but at the end of this are you going to be able to sit with yourself in the uninterrupted dark and feel like you did the right thing? I know I will be. 


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