Momma always said... Patience is a Virtue

Evan here this afternoon. Just got back from getting drive thru for my wife and I. While sitting in line, brusquely I was told to move forward, outside of the line to wait on the street. My patience (or lack there of) got the best of me as I was fuming to myself while pulling forward. Why on earth should I move forward? I was here first! They should get proper management! I know I said more...

Then I recalled something my Mom has said. "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE Evan" (Boy does she know me...)

How many times can you recall your mom saying "Patience is a Virtue"? I do not remember how many times I have heard that throughout my early years. So many that I have definitely forgotten why / when she would have said it, except in the context of myself being agitated with something or someone. Why else would those words get uttered? How many times have I said that to my own children? Wow. I cannot even pretend to know.

What does it mean? Why would we as parents say a phrase like that? Here's a link to some of the origin for you to read after skipping my words. Writing Explained

Am I virtuous. Absolutely Not. I like all everyone on earth have faults, most I try to hide from others. So what did this reflection do? Why I am writing about it today? 

It made me think. It made me reflect on the busy drive thru's staff. They were certainly busy, probably short staffed do to issues beyond my control. Maybe some of their staff were having a bad day. Who knows, I am not going to say who cares because we all SHOULD care a little bit, but the reality is that I will never know why it took minutes longer than normal.

What DOES matter is that I SHOULD be patient.., They have the right to have patient customers, they are doing their best. 

We have all been impacted in the last 19 moths, we all need to practice patience with each other.


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