Stop and Think!

 Hi All. Evan here. 

We started this blog to also poke fun at ourselves and people in our society. We are privileged, we aren't lacking. Hence the reason we called it 1stWorldProblem. 

We all become prey to habit and sometimes forget to use our heads. We get bent out of shape when something doesn't go our way without realizing that we missed a sign or signal that, had we noticed, would have changed our perception of the issue.

A customer phoned me this morning, asking why they were disconnected from their IT systems. Even after multiple email communications regarding the scheduled outage, even after outlining exactly what systems the outage would entail. 

It occurs to me that sometimes we need to stop and think. We get so much information these days that there's hardly any time to process. We tend to go about our days on autopilot trying not to deviate from that path. 

Everyone out there! Stop! Think! Process! 

What is we all did a little bit more of this. Stopped opening our mouths before we said something. Maybe just maybe we would all be more forgiving, more compassionate.

Food for thought anyway. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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