A mom can worry.

I think we are all guilty of making plans for our kids. Or have a direction we think that their lives are going to go. 

My son has always been a great kid. He is helpful, empathetic, and funny. Teachers and old people love him. When I thought about his future I pictured him as a teacher, or a nurse specializing in either geriatrics or pediatrics. I knew he was never going to be a doctor. Medical TV shoes make him uncomfortable from time to time. But definitely a helper profession. As he grew though and started to think about his future his bent was more towards mechanics. Turns out he is a gear head and he can fix just about anything.

When it came time to pick his postsecondary plans he surprised us all by signing up for avionics instead of diesel mechanics. He isn't having a good time though. Turns out the wiring part doesn't match his vision of what he wants to do for the rest of his life. At the beginning of this program, we were discussing options that he would have by choosing to work on airplanes. We talked about the travel he could do, as well as the different types of companies he could work for. I jokingly suggested the air force. I say jokingly because my husband and I tried to get him to join the cadets when he was younger and that was always a no-go.

Imagine my surprise though when he came to me earlier this week and asked how and where he could speak to a recruiter. Now I am torn. I am immensely proud that he would want to volunteer to support his country. But I must admit I am nervous. I lost a friend in Afghanistan and that may be coloring my reaction. I am aware that the air force isn't necessarily the ones on the ground who do the bulk of the fighting, but he would still be out there. 

He wants to work on the planes, not fly them. For now anyway. I should do some research as to where that would put him. I am trying not to go full-on worried Chicken Little mom with his decision. I want him to know that I love and support him. I guess no matter what decision he makes that really is all that matters. 


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