I'm finding it more and more difficult to take my own advice.

Generally, I am very much a live and let live person. You do you and all of that. I try very hard to not judge people for their choices. Be they sandwich toppings or political candidates I truly believe that there is joy in everyone being able to share their opinions and explain why they choose one thing over another.

Lately, though, I have to remind myself of this philosophy. We are currently at the tail end of a municipal election that came on the coattails of a federal election. Maybe I have election fatigue. I don't really have any one person running that I am particularly passionate about. I do have a couple that I am very strongly against. To the point that I openly scoffed at a lawn down the street that has campaign signs for both the mayoral candidate and the city councilor candidate that I detest. 

When I was driving past that house the other day my first thought was: "Geez, those are definitely people that I would not want to be friends with". Later I scolded myself for that thought. Someone's political choices can come from many places. Their choices do not make them bad people. 

Maybe it is the general fatigue that we all seem to be working with. Maybe I am tired of being told that I am wrong for my beliefs while supporting others to have their own. Maybe I need a nap and a snack. 

Living in an era that will be in the history books certainly is exhausting. I'm thinking Coke was right, at least their marketing campaign was. We should all grab a beverage and sit down and find out what we have in common. Not what we have to further divide ourselves. 


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