Do you know who you're voting for?

 Ok, guys, I am fired up again. What? Over another election. I know! You are shocked.

Here is what happened today. 

I was doing the thing where you research the people you are going to vote for to make sure that they represent you. As I was bopping through my research I realized that as a part of this municipal election there is more than just a new mayor on the line. This election in this city is jam-packed this time around. 

Not only are we voting for mayor, but we are also voting on whether fluoride should be reintroduced to our drinking water, equalization payments, and senate. 

I love to vote. And here is the thing with this specific election. I have a bone to pick with the senate election part. Generally, Senate candidates are recommended by an independent board to the Prime Minister, who then passes their names onto the Governer General for an appointment. Our current government though has decided that instead of following this path they will run a popularity contest. 

If you take a minute to peruse the candidates for senate you will find something funny. There are 13 people who took the time to get the 500 unique signatures and support to throw their hats into the ring. Three of those are Conservative, three are from the PPC, and the remaining seven are independent. You'd better believe I looked them up. 

One of the independent candidates is Doug Horner, he was the provincial finance minister under The Redford Progressive Conservative government. You remember that government, right? Where she resigned when it turned out that her ministers were using taxpayer money to fund flights for their family members. 

Kelly Lorencz is a PPC party candidate who seems to be anti-vax and pro ivermectin. So that's great.

The senate in Canada is supposed to work as a separate entity that acts as an independent body to research and debate on legislation and laws. I love the idea of this. This stops a lot of partisan bills and makes sure things make sense.

However, there is a glitch in the matrix with this one. Because this so-called senate election is taking place during the municipal election a large portion of our population will not even get the chance to recommend three people for a recommendation. Who might you ask? Indigenous people. Due to a lot of indigenous people living on the First Nations, they don't vote in the municipal elections, unless they send in for a special ballot. They don't get a voice but are still governed under the same referendums and more than the rest of us who do get to vote are. 

Now, I am not going to tell you who to vote for. That wouldn't be fair. All I'm saying is don't go in blindly. It will do us more of a disservice. Please, if you care about our province and who gets to use your voice in the federal government do a little research and vote to recommend the people who truly will represent you. Not just who sounds good. 

While our senate has never been the toga-wearing type, it should still promote the ideals of democracy. Vote for who you want to. But be informed.

This is our senate. Who do you trust to sit here and work on your future?


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