Halloween is not just for kids.

Oh, my word! It's almost Halloween!

I freaking love Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the spooky stories. For a poor kid, Halloween was the apex of holidays. There is free candy and food everywhere. It makes me think of some of my favourite (non-scary) personal Halloween stories. 

One of the times I lived in BC, I think it was Vernon, the whole complex we lived in threw a giant Halloween Potluck. Everyone was dressed up even the adults and no one paid a lot of attention to a kid that was alone grabbing food. There were no questions about where my mom was. 

When I was a little older (maybe nine) a teenager stole my giant pillowcase full of candy. I went home sobbing and was surprised to find my uncle and his friends hanging out at my house. I told them about all the work I had done to prepare two homemade costumes so I could get twice the candy, and how heavy the bag was. My uncle's friends all lived in the neighbourhood, and his one friend Greg asked for a description. All six of them left. I'll be darned if they didn't show back up about an hour later. Not only with my candy but with the guy who took it. He apologized and left. 

My mom and stepdad even got married on Halloween. We figured since he is from Transylvania it only makes sense. The wedding happened with four people and the justice of the peace at her house. That night they threw a Halloween party and told everyone they had been married. I don't think anyone believed them. Until the marriage license was carefully inspected.

While I do have a clown phobia, I do enjoy the rest of it. Anyone who comes to my door gets a treat, no matter the age as long as some attempt has been made at a costume. We won't be having a big party this year, and I don't think my son is as interested in trick or treating as much as he is the party that his friends are having tonight. But, he will still be here for the big night and has offered to take his sister out while we stay at the house and sit around the propane firepit to hand out candy (and beer for the grown-ups). 

Where ever you are I hope you have a Happy Halloween. May the ghouls and goblins play easy tricks and may your treats be of your favourite kinds. 


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