Maybe the kids do know better, sometimes.

I have never been a competitive person. I guess except for two things: 1. Name that tune and 2. Trivia. For the most part, I am just happy to be included. I don't really think of my husband as competitive either. Somehow though our daughter is a born competitor.

When she was younger I enrolled her in gymnastics. The gym we chose did not participate in competitions and that is what we wanted. After about a year of tumbling and balancing, she asked me when she was going to get to a medal. I explained to her that this gym doesn't have medals. She seemed ok with it and changed the subject. After the next round, she informed me that she was "overdoing the same skills every time and not winning". After a bit of a conversation, we decided not to sign her up for the next one and that it was time to find a new activity. Coincidentally around that same time, my husband and I went to a formal dinner that had a performance. The group was similar to one I had belonged to as a child and I decided that she was going to give it a shot.

The next day I looked up the group that we had seen and I signed her up for her first free class. I was way more excited about it than she was. I talked her into going and a couple of days later we were on our way out and I tried to get her excited for the new activity. When we arrived at the building I went in with her to help her pick out some new gear that they were lending us. I helped her to get ready and then I went outside and waited, hoping that she wasn't going to hate it too much and trying to think of other things she could join if this didn't work out. 

After the hour and a half was up she came running to the car. "Did you know that I could win a medal or a trophy?". She told me all about the ways she could compete and all the prizes she could win. I don't think she paused or took a breath the whole way home. Here we are three years later and she still lives and breathes for it. 

After my initial reticence at allowing her to compete, I am happy that we let her give it a shot. It seems that we don't always know best and sometimes letting the kid take the lead is the best part. Watching her up there, knowing the happiness that it brings her is all I need. Now, if only I could get her as excited to walk the dog.


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