Somewhere else.

 If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

When I was a kid we moved around a lot. I don't love moving but I love the adventure of being somewhere new. Even if it's in the same city just a new neighbourhood. I have lots of places left on my list of places I want to see and experience. And some I need to return to. 

My favourite place to travel to (so far) is the province where I was born. There is nowhere else like it. It sits off to the east coast kind of like an afterthought. The land is buffeted pretty much constantly by wind and by the waves. While a part of this country it definitely doesn't feel like it. The air is clean, the people are kind, and the houses colourful. I went back earlier in the summer to bury my grandfather. So while not a vacation I was very glad I was there to say goodbye. It was very hard to leave when it was time to come back. All I want to do is pack up my family and go back. 

I think when on vacation we all imagine what it would be like if we relocated. For the most part, it is daydreaming. The day to day reality is far different from downtime. Unlike most places, I could see myself living back there. Not a pipedream. My parents left there when I was very young to give me a better chance and I am grateful for that. But I want to go home now. I am not sure how feasible it though. Where I am from has always had a depressed economy. And I don't know if it will ever get better.

If it were just me I would go and make a life. I have a family though. So for now it needs to stay a daydream. I do think about it often though and sometimes I visualize myself there. They say that you need to manifest these things to make them true. So if you ever see me looking into the distance, I am probably eating a custard cone and watching the ocean. 


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