We got to choose.

 The long stretch of elections is finally over. The votes have been counted and except for the few conspiracy theorists and sore losers the results have been digested and accepted.

That's the funny thing about democracy. For the most part, it is taken very much for granted. We have always had the choice to use our voices and then when our team doesn't win we get to critique those that did and bemoan how much better it would have been if we had been victorious. As I educate myself more and more about how most government works though the more I realize that change happens very slowly if at all. The day after the results is always an interesting one. I have never been one to gloat about a candidate that I voted for wins, maybe because it's so rare that I have had the experience. I also have never been one to really get upset publically over who is now in power. But there are those who spiral on social media sites about the terrible decision that has been made and how the rest of us will rue the day we didn't vote exactly the same way they did. 

There is where the funny part comes in, I knew I would get to it eventually. I actually enjoy the fact that everyone gets to celebrate or whine. It means that we still have the choice. Does it annoy me when someone has a different opinion than me, heck no. Does it annoy me when they don't allow for anyone else's opinion, heck yes. I have mentioned this previously. My stepdad grew up in a country where when an election occurred they were either told who to vote for or just who won the "election". This happened up until 1989 when the people revolted. 

Imagine growing up without the choice. Imagine people disappearing for having a differing opinion.  Now imagine being mad because fluoride was voted back in. Not just mad but calling people idiots for choosing to vote that way. It just doesn't seem to have the same ring of "unfair" does it? 

So let's celebrate that we get to choose and be upset, or to choose and be happy. It means we have a voice. If things didn't go your way this time get out next time. Volunteer for your candidate, or run yourself. If things did go your way your job is harder. Any mistake your candidate makes is going to be put under a microscope. So next time be ready to defend and to counter with their wins. Democracy takes more than voting and whining. It takes action. It takes passion. And I am glad we get to deal with all of it.


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