BC Flooding

 I am sure that you all have seen the devastation due to flooding in BC.

The impact of this unprecedented natural disaster will take years to really be understood. Aside from the severing of commerce routes, there is also the loss of personal connection. Sure, people can fly. Most people though find it more cost-effective to drive. Especially during the holidays. Flying is expensive enough, let alone paying the extra fees to bring luggage and gifts. 

While the land is currently lost and it will take years to repair the roads that have been washed away, there is farmland there that will be forever changed. Insurance rates will rise and corporate farms will win again. Produce costs will soar and buying local may become cost-prohibitive. 

There is going to be a lot of talk about the costs of rebuilding the infrastructure (roads and bridges), but not a lot about the mental health aspect of what just happened. Calgary flooded eight years ago, and people still get nervous when it rains too much, or the snowpack seems a little high. 

I always wonder what I can do to help when it comes to these situations. Outside of the usual charities, there are some other things that you can do. Next summer, provided they are ready for us, take a weekend trip out to the affected areas. Spend your money (if you have it). Stop at the local fruit stands, eat at the restaurants, shop at the stores.

Closer to home, if you know of someone who usually goes to see family for the holidays, invite them to spend some time with you. Include them in something, even if it's not the main event. Check-in on them as the holiday gets closer and make sure they don't feel so alone. If you are cut off from family or friends out there remember that most stores will accept payment online. Instead of the usual gifts, have a dinner or some wine delivered to their front door. It will help the local economy and let them know that you are thinking about them.

It's going to take a long time for the routes to be repaired. But it will take longer for the people to feel safe again. Even if you can't do anything else, and you believe in it, send them a good thought. 


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