Be kind!

For the first time since the pandemic hit my husband and I went to a casino as patrons, not to volunteer.  

It was my stepmother's birthday this weekend and we joined her and my dad for dinner at the buffet, after eating we thought it would be fun to go lose some money. And it was for the ten minutes it took me to get bored. 

The point of this story is coming, I promise. 

To get into the casino, I showed the guys at the door my QR code, and for the first time, they asked to see my ID with it. Then on my way in the door once I had been cleared I noticed that they were doing free onsite covid testing for those with their shots, or maybe didn't have their vaccination records on them. 

Not only did I feel protected knowing that everyone had been screened but I was super impressed by the way the business was handling an otherwise messy situation. There has been a lot of chatter about personal freedoms and "police states", I think a lot of those people have probably never run a business of their own. Regardless of what your stance is on the pandemic, the vaccine, or vaccine records, I think we can all agree that making businesses responsible for enforcing the record mandate has left the business owners on the hook for enforcing more than they probably should be. The business owners and the staff have to ask to see the records and then deal with the negativity from a certain part of the population. The staff in question frequently seem to be the youngest or least experienced person in the place. 

This casino though had security scanning the records and there was a team of them. It was a show of strength and let someone who may have felt like causing a scene know that this was not the place. 

Maybe I am really trying to see the positive in this situation. I think of showing my vaccine record as just another step to get to go places, like showing your ID to get into a bar. If that is what it takes to live life a little more like it used to be, I am for it. Instead of making the person who has to ask feel terrible, just show it and move on. They probably don't want to be asking either. It takes less to choose kindness, and you'll feel good after.

I guess that might be the key to this long rambling post. Be kind. 

I'll be back tomorrow with something more exciting. Haha. Until then!


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