I am finding it hard to get anything done today. 

Not for the usual reasons though, this time it's my dog. She was spayed on Monday and her usual highly independent personality has taken a turn. Currently, she is laying under my desk right at my feet. I am having to type with my arms pretty much all the way extended because she is a large dog and my desk is rather small. 

I must say I kind of like the extra time and attention she is requiring. I don't like the idea that she is needing it because she's in pain. I hope she's not. Or maybe it's the painkillers. Perhaps she feels like she needs more protection when she isn't 100% so being next to me at all the time is her way of coping. 

We had to put our lab down in July. He was the first dog I ever had. I grew up with cats and I must say I was not expecting the vast difference in living with cats versus dogs. Our lab was the best dog ever. Other than the initial chewing incidents (I lost many shoes and my massage table leg still bears the scars) he was the cuddliest and sweetest being I have ever met. His favourite thing was curling up with me on the couch. His ears were the softest and I spent many happy hours with a book in hand and a dog in or near my lap. 

Our second dog though is a little different. She can be sweet, but can also be a little scary. While she will sit next to me on the couch, we usually don't touch. Her idea of cuddling is a drive-by petting as passes you to get another toy to destroy. This week though she loves me. She loves all of us and needs endless pets and reaffirmation. I know this change won't last forever so I am going to take advantage of it while it lasts.

So I am going to log off for the day and love on her as much as she lets me. Taking time to pet the dog or smell the roses needs to take precedence sometimes. 


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