I laughed

Holy cow. It's funny that since I've been home how much something like a job interview can just really take it out of you. 

So instead of something serious, I thought I should bring a couple of news stories that I was sent to your attention. Don't worry, I am hoping you'll get at least a grin out of them.

First up is a Halloween story. Last year my daughter and I put together a whole bunch of individual goodie bags together so we could all stay socially distant and everyone would still get a treat. Instead, some kids came along and took about five each. The funniest part was that we wrote messages on each bag. One of the ones that were taken read "sharing is caring". I suppose their definition of sharing was just a little different than mine. Onto the story.

A group of friends were trick or treating when they came across an empty bowl. Instead of moving on, or stealing the bowl. They each took some candy out of their bags to share the wealth with anyone who came behind them. I hope those boys know how wonderful and special they are. 

The next article just made me laugh out loud. It reads: "No zoomy zoom on the slicky slick or you will go boom boom". This was published on a national news source quoting the RCMP about a major highway. 

As you may have read I have been mostly avoiding the media because of the constant barrage of negativity. These two stories warmed my heart and made me laugh. And I missed that. So I hope you got a kick out of it, too.


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