Take five, I think

 Here we go again.

There is another variant on the horizon and before we all scramble let's put our thinking caps on and put together a plan based on what has worked and what hasn't worked from before. 

We know that masks work, yes they suck and no one really likes them but they keep transmission down and we can mouth swear words right in front of people's faces when they displease us. And in the winter, the mask can help keep your face warm! 

We know that social distancing works. I miss hanging out with all my people all together but, we know that isn't safe yet. Small groups mean more quality time together and another way for you to avoid the people in your life you don't care to see. 

The vaccines are being proven to prevent getting really sick. If you haven't gotten one yet, time to really think about why you haven't. If you are scared of needles, some of the clinics have therapy dogs to ease the fear. If you're scared of them tracking you, they can already. Think about it you have a cell phone that you store either your face or fingerprint on to log in. If your location services are on or if you post where you are on Facebook, you are already giving "them" all they need. If you're worried about mind control, I have some brutally honest news for you: YOU'RE NOT THAT INTERESTING.

Washing your hands and using sanitizer works. Frankly, I am disappointed that everyone wasn't washing their hands properly already. But I digress. 

Let's stay the course for now and if we all do this together, this might not be as bad as previous variants or waves. I believe in you. I believe in us. Let's teamwork the heck out of this, and just maybe we will get to see each other's face out in public come time soon. And maybe even hug (if you're a hugger), or at least respectfully nod in each other's direction if you don't like to be touched.


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