Under the bus

So, I am irritated again. 

With Jason Kenney, again. 

Yesterday he threw Dr. Hinshaw right under all the tires on the bus

He stated while being questioned about the province's Covid response, and dropped the dime right onto Alberta's chief medical officer or health. He stated that Dr. Hinsahw failed to make any recommendations in August thus allowing for the fourth wave to hit. He failed to also mention that he was on vacation for three weeks in that same month. 

Now, I don't have a lot of affection for Dr. Hinshaw either. While I am not sure exactly what the right response to the pandemic would be, I am pretty sure that the way this province did it was not the best way. It felt to me as though our premier was more concerned with ensuring his popularity with the far-right voters instead of protecting all of us. Dr. Hinsahw never seemed to step up though. In fact, the whole response seemed to be a lot of finger-wagging and grandstanding. No accountability has ever been taken. First Tyler Shandro was dumped as an effort for Kenney to lose the albatross around his neck, is Hinshaw next? Or will she set the record straight? If I were a betting person I would doubt that very much.

I am tired of the press conferences that always start late and really say nothing. I am tired of half-assed attempts to place a band-aid over the pandemic. There is another one today in about an hour. I am hoping that there will be an announcement regarding vaccinations for kids aged five to 12. I am worried that instead we will be throwing all caution to the wind and tossing out all of the precautions. Remember "Open for Summer", here we all are in closed for fall. I hope we aren't going to be open for November and then closed for Christmas. The cycle feels neverending and the fatigue is real. Just a little respect from our provincial government would go a long way right. Maybe with just a little kernel of truth.


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