Holiday Music and the End of an Era

I was worried about what would happen to Christmas with the kids when a certain truth about a certain important sleigh riding guest came out. 

Our son is 3.5 years older than our daughter. Fortunately, when he found the truth he came to me to confirm and then decided that he was very excited to keep the ruse going for his sister. I don't think that it's because he is all that altruistic, I think he liked knowing something so important that she didn't. When her time came I was expecting to be sad. Like I had lost something. 

Instead, I had a pretty intense feeling of relief. No more ninja-like tactics. Somehow our family had a tradition of wrapping the Santa gifts in a separate wrapping paper that would have to be hidden. Then while wrapping someone had to keep an eye on the stairs to make sure no kid was coming down the stairs. 

Now that they are older, we have more fun at Christmas. The love of silly gifts and joking is still alive, and despite our daughter getting frustrated that her dad needs a bathroom trip and some coffee (not necessarily in that order) before the presents are opened, it is more enjoyable. There is no more gratitude towards another being, and no more trying to watch our mouths so we don't let things slip. 

One funny thing though. Once, when we were on a trip and the kids were sharing a room, I happened to walk by the room after tuck-ins to hear them talking. Our son was telling our daughter to keep believing a little longer so the presents would keep coming. I don't think the spirit of the statement was greed per se, I think he was worried that if that changed what else would. So far we have kept all the rest. Stockings first, homemade holiday (hollandaise) sauce, Christmas jammies. family first. 

I know that we will continue to make new ones as the kids get older, and that is more than okay with me. 

"Last Christmas I gave you my heart" I am pretty sure most of us can complete the rest of the lyric. Today's selection then is of no surprise. Last Christmas by WHAM! had to be on this list. It's an earworm that spreads so easily and yet I love it so. Watching the music video is a retro treat. From the almost blurry shots to George Michaels's blonde, frosted, and feathered hair. The song was released in December 1984 and has charted almost every year since. 


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