Holiday Music and Giving Advice

I love to give advice. 

Maybe too much. Not long ago I learned that just because someone is talking to you about their issues, it doesn't mean that they want you to fix them. I had the learn to ask if the person needed advice, or if they just needed someone to listen to. 

I am a good listener, for the most part. Sometimes I get excited and share similar things that may have happened to me. That was another thing I learned recently. Not everyone is sharing because they want to commiserate. Sometimes they need to vent or just hear their thoughts out loud to figure out what it is they need to do. 

It can become tricky though. There is a fine balance between active listening and waiting for the other person to stop so you can have your turn. Active listening means listening actively. All of the nods and other visual cues, as well as the yeps, okays, and uh huh's all have important roles. If someone you know trusts you enough to seek you out, it's an honour. For that person to respect you enough to want your council means your doing something right. If you're into it. If you're not then forgot all the social cues and maybe tell the person you are not the one before you commit yourself. 

One thing people should know though is that if I know something. Like, something secret, that unless you expressly say otherwise, my husband is going to know. And vice versa. If you have told him anything, I know. There's no need to play a game. 

Upon saying all of this, if you want some advice. Ask. Remember though I am in no way a professional. I have no official training. Just lots of good energy and a desire for everyone to live their best lives.

Today's song was a request from my daughter. Her pick is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. She has loved the song for as long as she's been around. The stop motion claymation movie also has Bumble. The abominable monster whom I love dearly. The whole soundtrack from the movie is lovingly sung by Burl Ives, a legend all on his own. Rudolph was a character created for a department store and was then the inspiration for the song which was released originally in 1939.


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