Holiday Music and Travel Woes

We might be doing dumb, and I am very ok with it.

My family and I (me, husband, and kids) usually spend Christmas somewhere warm. Last year we obviously didn't, but this year we are trying to. The tickets and rental car have been paid for, the condo is booked and confirmed. Everyone's passports are up to date and I am beyond ready to see the ocean. 

I realize not everyone has the ability to travel and that I am very lucky to have the problem that is I am about to mention. We all happily got our shots, and I booked pre-trip testing to ensure that we meet all the eligibility requirements. The issue is with how frequently the rules and requirements are changing. On November 29th I booked the four of us in for the within 72 hours testing. Yes, we were spread out in a few different places at different times but I had it all booked. Then yesterday happened and it was announced that the US would be requiring testing within 24 hours. After a long scramble, I was able to get us all rebooked, of course not at the place that is doing it the cheapest.

I feel lucky that I was able to get us all rebooked, but I am mad. I am mad at the people that still won't get the shot. I am not talking about the people with medical concerns. I am talking about the conspiracy theorists who get all their scientific information from Facebook. Why are those of us that listened, those of us that are trying to protect all of us, held to the will of the few that refuse? 

I don't mind wearing masks. For the most part, I have been socially distancing for most of my life. It is the constant moving of the goal line that is really starting to get to me. It is the near destruction of polite society that is bothering me. The people in grocery stores who choose not to wear masks and then wander around just waiting for someone to say something. The people who vent their anger on the underpaid service staff that has to confront them.

Remember when we cared about things other than ourselves? Let's get back to that. 

On another, and vastly different note; Holiday song of the day.

Today I chose a song that I love, I am not Jewish, I just love the culture. This version of a classic sung by one of the great Canadian bands is one that should be added to all your playlists. 

Hannukah, Oh Hannukah by the Barenaked Ladies is song number two. Steven Page has one of the most beautiful voices. His delivery is clear and crisp, with depth and warmth. Their version was released on November 15, 2005, as a part of the Barenaked for the Holidays CD. The whole album is a winner and I will be featuring other songs from it. 

Take a listen and get into it!


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