Scrambled Brains Anyone?

I am having a scattery brain kind of day. 

I can't seem to focus on anything. I am fairly easily distracted anyway, but today seems to be worse than normal. But today, I have decided that instead of punishing myself and forcing something I am just going to continue with all the tabs in my mind open, although I will try to keep track of which one the sound is coming from. Mostly so I can change the song twenty seconds in when I decide the one playing is not the one I want to hear.

I haven't been sleeping again, but then I wore socks to bed last night and actually got a full six hours. Maybe that is what the problem is. It's taking less effort to keep to the basic tasks at hand so it's as though I am flicking through channels trying to find something to watch. 

I am a huge trivia and facts fan. I like knowing things, weird things, odd things, even almost boring things. I don't always learn them to share, usually, as I read them they get filed away and only come up if it is specifically related to the conversation or situation at hand. Today though I am going to share a few of my favorite weird coincidences. 

1. Before John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln, his brother, Edwin Booth, actually saved Robert Tod Lincoln (Honest Abe's son) from being hit and killed by a train. 

2. There was a book written by Morgan Roberts called "The wreck of the Titan" it was about an unsinkable ship called Titan that was 800ft long and struck an iceberg on its starboard side around midnight in the month of April. The ship sunk south of Newfoundland and more than half of the passengers died due to a lack of lifeboats. The book was released 14 years before the Titanic sailed.

3. The first person who died while working to build the Hoover Dam was the father of the last person who died while building the Hoover Dam.

And now for some that have personally happened to me.

1. When my mom and I moved back from a year of living in a different province, we were given the exact same telephone number that we has before we left. We didn't even move back into the same house or neighbourhood. 

2. When we were first dating my husband and I had several things pointing us toward each other. He worked for the same trucking company for his first job that my father had when we first got here. He bought computer parts from the small company that my stepdad worked for. His sister-in-law and brother had worked for my mom several years before we met. 

3. At birth, both of my kids were 19" and 7lbs 3oz. Now, one is over six feet and the other is barely over five feet. 

I always think of coincidences as the universe telling you you are on the right track. Or telling you to pay attention. Just like Deja Vu. 

Not to get to the music portion. I get this song in my head a lot at three o'clock in the morning. It is just too catchy. Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest was released in August of 1970, I was released in August 1979. Another coincidence. It was actually written in 1969 by Sherman Kelly (hey, Kelly is my middle name) while on vacation in St. Croix. He had been attacked while on vacation by a group that attacked and killed eight Americans after his attack. While recovering he dreamt of a joyful celebration. It has since been covered many times and was my dad's favorite song as a teenager, which I found out when he came into my office when we were working together and was surprised by what I was listening to.


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