Every day I write about what is happening with covid and politics, and every day I say to myself that I won't do it the next day, and then every day something happens and I write about it again. 

Today's development has made more of a physical reaction than I was prepared for. 

It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that I think the convoys that are going on are BS. The stated goals have constantly changed and the real reason behind them has never been stated. But now it's gone too far. 

Yesterday, in the blockade that is on the border, the convoy members had their children line up as a human shield to stop trucks from being able to cross into the states. THEIR CHILDREN. 

When I first saw the pictures (which I will post below) I didn't believe that they were real. I couldn't believe that people could stoop so low as to their children in this position. What on earth could be done? Law enforcement had no choice but to let this happen. They haven't exactly been in there breaking it up, that's another post though. Could you imagine if any officer had gone in there and tried to remove the kids? Could you imagine if the Indigenous blockades for clean water involved kids? They would have been removed and those families would lose their children forever

And I am not convinced that that isn't exactly what the organizers of this embarrassment wanted to happen. Imagine how many supporters they would have gained with those pictures and videos. I am writing this in the hopes that eventually I will get to retract it. 

I feel physically ill thinking about these kids. They are being used as pawns by the people who are supposed to protect them. And in the larger picture, their parents are also being used by this group of people who are trying to overthrow not only our prime minister (who was elected in a fair election) but our whole government, and the democracy of our country. 

I am dumbfounded as to how we got here, how these people have become so empowered that they feel like they are on the right side of history. How hate groups have been essentially the green light by law enforcement that seemingly can't do anything against them. I know the plan is to stay back and not stoke anything up, but at one point does being polite become weakness?

This convoy has now inspired similar blockades in other countries. The same hate group flags and slogans are there. These people are showing us who they are. It's time to believe them and shut them down. 

I can't do a song today, music is healing and hopeful for me. Today I feel like my hope for this to end is gone. 


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