Fun News Thursday

 I think we all deserve something lighter today.

Only good news stories today. 

1. Social media helps out. This one sounds like a movie

A guy in Vancouver happens to be scrolling the Facebook page for his farm community hometown in Saskatchewan. Around the same time, a lady is trying to drive through a terrible snowstorm with high winds and no visibility. She figures out that she is lost and has no idea where she is, and that the storm is so bad she needs somewhere safe to hang out. 

So she takes picture of the only sign she can see and sends the location to herself. She looks up the sign and finds the Facebook page. She posts about her situation and this guy happens to recognize the sign because he is friends with the son of the guy who owns the farm. The son calls his dad (who happens to be 80) to let him know that this lady is trapped and lost at the end of his driveway. He walks down the driveway and leads her up to safety. 

A short while later another person finds his driveway, and he walks down again to find two cars. He leads those to safety and then he and his wife let these lost travelers stay the night, feed them, and see them off the next morning after the storm has blown itself out. 

2. That's quite the spelling mistake

As you may be aware this month marks the Queen's platinum jubilee. As you may also be aware, the English love a good royal souvenir. One company thought they would join in on the retail splendor. They ordered 10 800 plates with the Queen's likeness. Her picture is a little suspect, but the real error comes in spelling. The plate reads "Platinum Jubbly". To some Jubbly is also another way of mentioning breasts. So there's that. 

3. Bologna Face

Have you ever wanted to look like your favorite lunch meat, while hydrating your skin and pampering yourself? Well, now is your chance. The company is known for the wiener whistle and the wiener mobile has reached out to skincare. The ingredients are less questionable than the real thing though. They developed the face mask with a real skincare company and the mask is infused with witch hazel and other good skin items. 

Today's song is one that always lightens my mood. A guaranteed chair dance. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. The song was recorded in August 1978, and released as a single in 1979. It is one of those songs that initially was not as big of a hit as some of their other songs. But as with Bohemian Rhapsody, it was discovered again later thanks to some appearances in films and commercials. While not a favorite of Queen guitarist Brian May due to some racy lyrics, many critics think it is the band's most flamboyant and fun track. I agree. 


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