Hot Noses

Is anyone else feeling a little unhinged lately?

As though I am three steps away from either disappearing without a trace or never leaving my house again. 

Outside feels unsafe right now. Not the fact that we got a fair amount of snow last night. But just the general energy that is out there. 

Earlier today, I was in the grocery store and somehow wound up the witness to an almost altercation. I was turning into the cereal aisle and almost ran into a woman who was just standing there partially blocking the entrance. I said excuse me, nothing. So, I slid by barely making it through the small gap she had left. The only other person in the aisle was the gentleman that the aisle blocker watched closely. As I got closer to my target (honey nut Cheerios), I realized he was partially blocking the Cheerios. 

I slowed my pace and he placed one of the boxes down. The other he walked back to the aisle blocker with. As he put the box into the cart she snorted and asked what the difficulty had been. He looked at her at asked if her nose was too hot. She said no and asked why he said because it's hanging out of your mask. I was thankful for my mask at that moment. 

She told him that he could finish the shopping by himself and left the store in a huff. I saw him a few more times in the store, and then we left at the same time. She was waiting in the car and sat there as he transferred the groceries into it. Then he took his sweet time pushing his cart through the soft snow to the corral. 

We he got back to the car I wondered how his drive home was going to be and if he had hearing aids he could take out, that might be the only way he had peace. 

As I think about that couple, it gets me thinking. If she always like that? Does he always go out of his way to vex her? Or are they just feeling the stress of not knowing what kind of people you are going to run into when you are running errands anymore? 

I had someone scoff at me the other day when I forgot to take my mask off as I left the store. They don't really bother me anymore and I had other things on my mind. Why does it matter to a strange man if I leave a mask on or not? I certainly don't care if he is wearing one outside, if he gets his choice, where is mine? 

We need to all take a step back and realize that someday (fingers crossed) this is going to be behind us. I hope to be able to see a Canadian flag on a truck and not flinch. I hope that these people realize that if they get choices, so do the rest of us. 

We can't all be right all of the time, but we can stop the extreme reactions to disagreements. Less me, more me. Fewer temper tantrums, more respect. 

Since we all need to take a step back and chill a little today's song is one that I love. It is relaxing and peaceful and was once in a VW ad. All good things. Pink Moon by Nick Drake is up there with my 2000 other favourite songs. Released in February 1972 on an album of the same name, Pink Moon was released just two years before Drake's death. The album was mostly about the writer's battle with depression. 

The song regained popularity in 1999 as a part of an ad for the VW Cabriolet. In the commercial, the song plays as the car takes a moonlit drive through the country. Who couldn't use a midnight drive to watch the moon?

The affiliate marketing part of the blog, as I said yesterday, I am adding these links to things I like so that in the future when I have all the readers they can check them out. Today's theme is road trip.

Pink Moon

Drives of a Lifetime

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