Royal Rumble

 My kids actually addressed each other respectfully today.

Then thirty seconds later the usual cacophony started.

When they were smaller I can remember calling my mom to ask what I should do. She advised me to just let them have at it. As long as there were no serious physical incidents it was more theatre than action. Neither of the kids can be considered anything but good people. They like to help people, they volunteer with us, they enjoy being a part of a solution. 

The royal rumbles are really only issues when it's just the four of us at home. Which I am almost grateful for. I wouldn't be able to go in public if they spoke to each other around people that they do here. 

I think most outsiders would describe the kids as patient and warm. When they are alone, from what I hear, they get along as well. They even hung out together with his friends one night when my husband and I were elsewhere. 

When our daughter was around 18 months old (making our son around five) she would come to me crying and tell me that her brother had smacked her in the face while they were playing. I would comfort her and then go and talk to him. He would never say anything in return. This happened a few times, always when I was distracted doing something else. So one time I went around the corner and waited, peeking around the corner. Imagine my surprise when she hauled off, smacked him across the face, and then she started crying. No wonder he looked confused every time. 

It seems that as they get older the fights aren't quite as physical. The words and tone of voice they use though could push Gandhi over the edge. I think as all parents do, I worry sometimes about their relationship. I want them to be friendly when they get older. I want them to have each other's backs. I was convinced that they were never going to get along until quite recently. 

Our son broke up with his girlfriend and she showed up at our door to return some hoodies and the like. We thought that if no one answered the door, she would leave the bag and leave. We were wrong. After the second ring of the doorbell, our daughter went to the door and just dealt with it. 

After saying goodbye to the ex, our daughter came strutting back into the living and dropped the stuff into our son's lap. Of course, she said "You're welcome" loudly as she it, but I am hoping these are baby steps to a future friendship, of some kind. 

People tell me that it will get better and I can see the inklings of "if you mess with one of us, you mess with both of us". So fingers crossed!

In the spirit of a houseful, I chose Our House by Madness as our song of the day. Mainly because they mention the brother having a date and not being able to stick around. Our House was released in November 1982 and quickly became the band's biggest single.

Now for the links that you can check out or completely ignore. Today's theme is items to help with teenager tantrums.

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