Where's My Freedom?

 Every day I am bombarded with someone's social media post or a news article about Freedom's being taken. It makes me sick. It makes me seethe with rage. A small vocal minority is spouting that their freedom has been violated. So much so that they dare compare it to the Holocaust. WTF! 

First, let's set that one straight. Are you being herded into cattle cars to be taken to a concentration camp? Are you being marched into a "shower" to die? Just because you aren't vaccinated or are being asked to wear a mask? How dare you compare yourself to that. Men and Women fought for our freedom, for the freedom of millions of men, women, and children who were being slaughtered. How dare you! 

My wife and I have read the research, studied the facts, and believe in the science. We have done everything that has been asked of us for the last 22 months. We have isolated when needed, received multiple doses of a proven vaccine in order to protect our loved ones and friends. We made the CHOICE to do better.

We "vacationed at home" while our politicians told us to stay home but left the country themselves. 

When Alberta was "Open for Summer" we continued to refrain from large crowds and gatherings knowing that Alberta would be "Closed for Fall". Guess what, we were right!

Throughout all of this, we have stayed vigilant knowing that we were doing the right thing. Canada has done the right thing. Canada has saved hundreds of thousands of lives compared to other jurisdictions where COVID has been left to run wild. Well done!

Does that mean that Canada is perfect? Our leaders are the best? Absolutely not. Whether you look at the Federal, Provincial, or Municipal governments they ALL could have done better. 

Countries have introduced requirements to be vaccinated in order to enter. Canada is no different. Even our neighbors to the South don't want unvaccinated people crossing their borders. Yet Canadians are protesting Canadians on this? Non-US Citizens cannot travel to the US if they aren't vaccinated, but we are mad that people cannot cross our border if they aren't vaccinated? If we change our stance is America going to change theirs? NOPE. The last decade or so should have educated Canadians that the US doesn't care about anyone but itself. They won't change their policies to help us. Give your head a shake. Or better yet get vaccinated. Personally, I don't believe there should be a PCR requirement to enter Canada if you are a Canadian. All citizens should have the right to return to their home country no matter how ill they are. But I digress. 

We live in a democratic society, one where people have a right to protest, have a right to voice their opinion without the risk of being persecuted. 

Unfortunately, there is a small vocal minority that believes it's only their opinions, their "facts" that should be heard. If someone dares have a different thought than this tiny group of people, "Freedoms" are being inhibited. Let us remember that they drove for four days uninhibited across the country to protest their "lack of freedom". Where is the respect for the freedoms of the people in the area where this protest is being held? Where is the regular citizen's right to sleep at night without horns blaring all night? Where is the basic Canadian right to be in public without being harassed and afraid? Why do their rights matter more than the rest of us?

The protests that are occurring in this country started on the premise of vaccine mandate for Truckers. Funny, nearly 85%, are already vaccinated. The remaining have had almost a year's notice to ensure they are protected. Why should they be excluded from this requirement? Because they are critical to our society? 

I don't disagree with this fact, however without millions of other front-line workers where would they be. Without the people to load and unload the product they carry. Without the store workers, who have tirelessly been on the receiving end of angry people, where would these truckers be? My point, is we ALL need everyone in this amazing Country. Not one group is needed more than another.

Where's my freedom? Maybe it's time the silent majority stood up. Maybe we should protest. Should we band together and refuse to do business with anyone who isn't vaccinated? Common decency would say no, but I am afraid that window may be closing. How long should we be patient with bullies? How long until one of us says "I'm Done", "Screw being nice". 

You made a choice to not get vaccinated. You are making a choice to stand up for your beliefs. Maybe it's time I made a choice to stand against everything you believe in.

To those who think this protest is the right thing, Do Better! 

To those who are just trying to get through this, Keep up the Great Work, You are Amazing!


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