A Few of my Favourite Things

 What else is going on in the world?

I am taking a mental health break from the news for today. Between the war in Ukraine, the far-right people in this province, the anti-gay and trans kids under attack in the states, and the rest of it I need a positivity break. 

So let's focus on cheesy things that I love. Because we need to let people like things, even if we don't. 

1. True Blood - The TV show and the Southern Vampire book series that the show is based on. True Blood started on HBO in the 2010s. It mostly takes place in the fictional Louisiana town of Bon Temps. Our main character is a telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse. Vampires have "come out of the coffin" and are trying to assimilate into regular society. I won't give much away in case you haven't watched it, but it is pure cheese. But fun cheese. It's not terribly acted, and the writing is fairly clever. It's on Crave if you want to take a look, or the books are by Charlaine Harris if you'd rather.

2. Hamilton - is a musical based on the life of the father of the American banking system Alexander Hamilton.  It starts as he first reaches New York City as the country is fighting for its independence. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda it is not the usual musical. The music itself is based on hip hop, rap, and R and B music. The cast is diverse and talented. Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson and Okieriete Onaodowan as Hercules Mulligan are amazing performers. Then there are the actresses (Philippa Soo, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Jasmine Cephas Jones) who play the Schuyler sisters. Prepare to get the songs in your head and want to watch the movie over and over. Unless you're really into long-winded historical biographies with authors who seem to be writing more to prove their own intelligence than to teach on the subject I would avoid the source biography "Alexander Hamilton" by Ron Chernow. I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. Ask my kids and husband. You can find this on Disney+.

3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Literal cheese. The cheese in question must be Kraft singles. The soup must be Campbell's cream of tomato, and there should be more crackers than liquid. The consistency should resemble sludge. I will entertain either butter or mayonnaise on the outside of the bread for grilling. As long as the bread is not burned or too crunchy. My husband dips his grilled cheese in ketchup. Not for me, but not too far off dipping into the soup. Which is what I am very into. There is never a bad time for grilled cheese and tomato soup. Sad? Happy? Celebrating? Mourning? It's the perfect meal. And I will fight over this. Maybe not fight, but don't come at me with your fancy tweaks. 

Maybe you found something worth looking into in my do. If not, I hope that maybe you'll do something that you love today. We all deserve to do something comforting with all of the things going on. Enjoy!

So of course, today's music has to be cheesy, and one of my favorites. Let's go with We Don't Talk About Bruno from the Disney movie Encanto. Also written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It's stupid catchy. My daughter and I speak-sing it to each other every day, and at any given minute (without much prompting) I will sing it for you. 

One really cool thing about the song is that it is written in madrigal form, and the last name of the family in the movie is Madrigal. Miranda knows what he is doing. The whole soundtrack is wicked. 

Shopping, with some of my favorite things. 

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