Be Kind, Even To Yourself

What is one thing that oddly proud of?

Maybe it's a skill you have or a talent. 

Everyone has something that they do that they should be proud of. 

Here's the gotcha, how long did it take you to think of something? 

Now, what if I had asked you to tell me something you don't like about yourself. I bet that you could give me a list of 20 things before I was finished asking.

Why are we like that? Why can't we celebrate ourselves? There are very few people with no redeeming qualities. I try to remind myself of that when I am angry or annoyed by someone. We are so willing to put ourselves down, but leave it to others to hype us back up. 

And then when we are talking about how cool someone is, we rarely share that information with the person we are talking about. When we choose who we get to spend time with, it's usually because the person we chose makes us feel good about ourselves, or there is something about them that reminds us of themselves. 

So if we can see the good in them, why can't we see that they are reflecting what is good in us? Now, this is not something that will come naturally. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is more like a muscle that needs to be worked, instead of the muscles that somehow always remember how to ride a bike. I will admit that I am not good at the "thinking good thoughts about myself" game. But I am trying, and even that little bit of trying has done some good work. 

There is a trick that your brain likes to play on you involving initial reaction thoughts versus the second more reasonable thought. Think of them as the little brother to the intrusive thoughts that tell you to crash into the person in front of you. The first thought is to insult yourself, the second can be something you like about yourself. Even if it's something tiny like you remember people's favorite chocolate bars. Celebrate those things. They can help you take bigger steps towards liking yourself. At least a little.  

Music Corner

Lizzo is a relatively new artist. Her music is super catchy and usually holds a great message. Whether it be about body positivity, trusting yourself, or the healing power of good friends she has a song for most moods. Good as Hell might be her best-known song. 

Anyone who can rap, twerk, and play the flute at the same time while being unapologetically themselves is more than ok by me. 

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