Coalition? I remember them.

 Well, I guess we were wrong about one thing.

Seems to me like the Timbit Taliban did affect some government changes. 

I don't think a coalition government between the NDP and Liberals was quite what they had in mind when the MOU was first drawn up. 

For those of you who have been around for a while, a coalition really isn't a new thing. It tends to happen when the party that wins is a minority. A smaller party will hitch their wagon to the minority leading party and they agree to look out for each other.  And this new agreement is not technically a true coalition, as no NDP representatives will sit in the cabinet. 

Usually, the smaller party gets to have a bunch of the platforms it ran on at least brought forward to be looked at, if not voted on and passed. The larger party gets to be in power until the next election and now feels a little bit more comfortable when it comes to getting back to the business of running a country. Kind of like a big sibling protecting a little sibling at school. They get the protection, and sometimes a ride home. But no seat at the lunch table.

A minority government in Canada is not a rare thing. And that really shouldn't be a surprise. We are a large country with many different viewpoints and opinions. We are also a country with large electoral representation issues. 

The current government has used that reality as something that they have promised to address and fix. This is one of many promises given, and also another one that has not been delivered. But I digress (for now).

The Conservatives are reacting in predictable ways, one future hopeful is of course acting as though this is the death of our nation. That hopeful and his party faithful need to take a step back though. Reassess what their reaction is going to be and maybe if they truly want to appeal to the larger parts of the voting public figure out a way to remove themselves from being seen as the sweethearts of the convoy. 

There is more anger at play than I have ever seen nationally. The group that harnesses that and somehow turns the emotion into something that brings us together is going to be the key for the next election. Which thankfully won't be for another three years (I hope). We can't afford another election right away. Financially or emotionally. 

It's time to stop working on what has driven us apart. Our country has always been seen as the helpers. We are the peacekeepers, the aid givers, a safe place. Don't let the politicians who are just looking to make names for themselves win. Less me, more we. Less infighting and vitriol, more compromise and moving forward.

Music Corner

So I may be reaching for this one. But I will make this work. The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie is written and performed by Colter Wall. He is a relatively new and definitely young Canadian songwriter. The 26-year-old has a super deep and gruff-sounding baritone that works for the "outlaw" style of music that he sings. 

Now you may be thinking to yourself that I am making a comparison between politicians and the devil wearing suits and ties. While that is a good one, I am going somewhere completely different.

Colter Wall is not the only famous person in his family. His dad is Brad Wall, also known as the 14th premier of the province of Saskatchewan. Brad Wall is a member of the Saskatchewan Party. The Saskatchewan Party was founded by a coalition of members of the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties of that province. And that is the nice little bow on the package. 

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