Keep It Together

 I want to start today with an improv game of sorts. There will be no theatre games. I guess it's more of an imagination exercise.

I promise this is leading up to something. 

In front of you, there is a chocolate bar, a Kit Kat. At this point, the fingers are all together and the bar is in one piece. It is a lovely-looking snack and the future of your nibble is outstanding. Ok, wait, maybe a Kit Kat won't work for this. 

So, you have a rope. It's a long rope, made of many fibers that all work together because of the way the fibers are braided and intertwined. Then a person you know comes along and needs some rope. This won't work either. 

Have you played Kerplunk? If you haven't, here is a small run-down. It's a game of strategy and some logic. There is a center tube with a top and a bottom. The middle of the tube has a whole bunch of tiny holes that you put very skinny, multi-colored plastic sticks into. The sticks from a kind of a nest. When your nest is formed, marbles are poured onto them from the top of the tube. 

All the sticks are working together to hold up the marbles. It is secure and the marbles are safe. Then as gameplay continues, the players take turns to pull sticks. The goal is to not be the person who pulls the stick that causes all the marbles to fall. Stay with me, we are almost there. 

Now here comes the imagination part. The Conservative government and those who vote for them are the marbles. Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest, and the other people running for leadership of that party are the ones pulling the sticks. 

Conservatism in this country (as well as this province, but that is for another day) is at an important part of their history and survival. The past year, and especially since the convoy did whatever it was it was doing. The party itself seems to be at a make or break. There are so many different futures that could come out of this. Many people are tired of the current federal government, at least the leader of that party anyway. And thanks to the beauty of democracy a change can always be just around the corner. 

From where I am sitting, the party itself seems to be splintering. There are far too many leadership choices, and it doesn't seem like any of them care about presenting a united front on anything. I think the frontrunner is good old PP. Which may not be the best idea for a party that is hoping to win over the whole country. PP is known to be like that tiny dog that bites the hem of your pants and won't let go. He had also said a few things that are problematic and he lives in contradiction of. I don't want to turn this into a bashing PP post, so we are going to speed forward.

How can voters trust a party that can't seem to decide who they want to be. If the former leader of the party, Erin O'Toole was too centrist for many members of the party and even he couldn't get elected to represent the country what does the party think they are doing by moving even more right? No option for a leader seems to fit what is actually going on for the rest of the country. And if the party itself can't get along, it will splinter into many smaller parties. None of which will have a chance to win, and then the Liberal party will swoop in again. 

Seems to me that the Conservatives need to focus less on the pulling of sticks to get the most, and more on making sure all of their marbles stay in one place. Provincially and Federally. 

There is only one song that will work for me today. Crumblin' Down by John Cougar Mellencamp, or is there no Cougar anymore. You know who I mean. Mellencamp wrote the song with his songwriting partner George Green. Intended to be the main single from the 1983 album "Uh Huh". The song was the last song written for the album, and the first release, meeting the writer's intention. 

This was the first single released under the singer's real name. Prior releases were credited to John Cougar. 

According to Mellencamp, the song is intensely political and was written in response to the Reagan administration deregulating everything and causing the poor to suffer even more. In his mind, the walls were the literal representation of all the lower class had to shoulder while the upper class just got to skate away. Sound familiar?

Time for consumerism!


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