I realize it's not even close to Christmas. 

I was listening to music today (shocking), and a Christmas song came on. The Season's Upon Us by Dropkick Murphy's came on. It's a favorite of mine, it sounds vaguely like Newfie music, and it has a sea shanty quality to it, which I love. 

For the first time I listened to the lyrics though, and they set me to thinking (also shocking). The line that got me today is:

"Some families are messed up while others are fine. If you think yours is crazy, well you should meet mine."

If there is one thing about my family, we are a cast of characters with many tales to tell. 

There's a long-ago Johannah who had to dress and live as a man after her husband died in order to provide for her kids. My mom had to step in after her mother died when she was 12 to keep her sisters together. My Stepdad escaped over the mountains and eventually wound up in Canada as a refugee. My aunt used to take us camping and somehow always had a stranger get our trailer set up in just the perfect spot. I could keep going, but I digress.

There is comfort in hearing stories from your family, no matter when they are from. It's a reminder of where you come from and what struggles have been fought for you to be here. Some are also great for comic relief. 

I may be waxing nostalgic, maybe it's the state of the world that has me longing for the familiar things. If you have the luxury of reaching out to a family member to hear some stories, give it a shot. If you don't communicate with your family, do a quick internet search for other families ' stories. Or start reliving some of the memories you have made with your chosen family. Remember family doesn't have to be blood to be valid. 

Music Corner

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the song that inspired this post. The Season's Upon Us by Dropkick Murphy's was released on the band's eighth studio album "Signed and Sealed in Blood" on December 12, 2012. 

The lyrics are full of what most of us could be thinking when spending time with too many family members around the already stressful holiday season. The band itself was founded in 1996 in Massachusetts, and they are still going hard today, despite some line-up changes.

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