Tap Tap Tap

 Hello, tall people of the world. 

Keep in mind that I am under five feet tall when I stand up straight, so there is a possibility I am addressing even those who don't consider themselves tall. 

I have a small favor to ask of all of you people who can reach things off of grocery store shelves and the like. 

When you find yourself in a group setting where all of the attention is focused on one part of the room, say a stage during a performance, before you step into an empty space, or take an empty chair, maybe just take a look around. One of us who needs to take a runner to get into a tall bed might be using that space to see. 

I was out in public a lot this weekend watching my daughter compete, and I must say, people do not check their surroundings. Before you sequoias that walk get mad at me and say I could say something, or push my way back in front, what sound easier? You take a two-second look around, or I get all pushy with the shoulder tap and the squeezing?

I am going to give a couple of examples. Our daughter danced in two rooms on Saturday. The first room was upstairs, and she was only in it for that one dance. We decided that I would go down into the room where she would be dancing for the rest of the day to get us seats. When I got to the room, I was the only one in there. I picked the perfect set of seats and sat in the chair at the end. About five minutes go by and in comes another mom looking for a spot (spoiler alert, she is taller than me). No word of a lie, no other living soul is in that room, She comes and throws jackets or bags to save the seats in the row ahead of mine, then she sits directly in front of me. Two hundred other chairs and she sits right in front of me. 

Later, we are in a different room waiting for awards. All the empty chairs in the room have sweaters or bags on them, so my husband and I stand against the back wall, where we can see, but leave lots of room for people to pass in front of us. Within 30 seconds, the tallest guy in the room comes and stands directly in front of me. 

I am like a magnet for tall people. 

I guess the point here is about more than just tall versus short. It's about consideration. We are all laser-focused on what we need and forget that we live in a society that needs a little touch of looking out for each other. So, maybe before you slide into a super convenient open space, look around because someone else could be using it. 

Music Corner

Because today feels a little silly, I thought I should pick a silly song. Well, let's go with a song that seems silly on the surface until you learn a little more about it. Before all of the Disney soundtrack work, Randy Newman wrote Short People

The 1977 song, on its surface, is about hating short people. When you listen to it a little closer though, it becomes more about the big picture. The short people in question aren't the ones that can't look into tall mirrors. Rather, it is about the short-sighted and short-tempered. The small-minded bigots who look down their noses at anyone who is different from them. 

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