Need To Focus

It's a no-motivation day over here. 

I have sat here and stared at this blank screen for a few hours now. I even did two loads of laundry in an effort to distract myself.

So now I am just going to free write and see where it gets me. 

This week has been a bad one for sleep. Between the windy nights and the pressure changes due to the weather, I have spent the last few nights laying in the dark and overthinking. The ideas that come in the middle of the night are always genius level, at that time. Then when the sun comes, it chases the genius part away. As does the motivation to go through with all the plans that I make while waiting for sleep.  

At least insomnia is one of those things that most of us have experienced at one point or another. 

And the gift of shared experience will take you pretty far. People for the most part try to be understanding when it comes to this sort of thing. They have a little more patience when your brain is stuck in a lower gear. 

I generally give most people the benefit of the doubt in most cases. There is one thing that really gets on my nerves though. And that is askholes. 

An askhole is a person who asks for help or advice and then does the complete opposite or asks another person to do the same thing that they have asked you. Not only have they wasted your time, but they don't even listen. Don't be an askhole. 

My level of distraction is high today. I feel like Hammy from the movie "Over the Hedge". And in the spirit of Hammy, I am going to go do something else now. Have a great day!


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