They Came Home To Roost

 I'm feeling a little feisty today.

Maybe it's the sudden snowstorm that came through last night, maybe it's the longer days. 

Remember February? When all of the goose convoy (noisy, angry, left a lot of crap around that they didn't pick up) decided it was a great idea to park in downtown Ottawa?

You know, the people that were trying to overthrow a democratically elected government? With the memorandum of understanding? The one that said that the current government would step aside and let the members of the convoy lead the country? Yeah, those guys. 

Well, it seems that at least the leaders of that group are having a heck of a time. 

Tamara, who started the GoFundMe that raised $10 million was back in court today, arguing that the ban she was given to not use social media basically is too broad and not fair. I wonder if they will ask her where the $8 million that was removed from the fundraising before it was shut down went. Maybe partially to fly her husband in on a private jet for her first bail hearing, or maybe towards the fancy new jeep and home she turned up with. Maybe they're just making a ton off of unemployment. 

Pat King was also in court this week. That guy just can't keep a lawyer, and he is collecting charges as though he was playing Pokemon Go. He's still in jail in Ontario. He'll be back next week though, to try and get a bail review hearing actually finished. Here's hoping his new lawyer manages to keep her computer free of hackers, unlike the last one. 

While it might be a little fun to watch people pay the piper, it also sends me thinking about some of the fallout from this toddler temper tantrum.  

In my opinion, there is more at play here than what happened in Ottawa. If the leaders of this movement aren't punished and shut down, not only will they be at this again, but it will empower others like them. These "leaders" are like serial abusers. They need to be shut down, and made examples of. They tried to destroy our country and used their children as protection when the chips started to fall. 

They had people pretend to be hurt by police horses and convinced news sources that they had been killed. They spread false information and physically threatened people who were just trying to get home, some with rape. The group that stayed for the long haul (with the hot tubs and stages) isn't harmless. Not only did they shut down our capital city, but they also disrupted the economy at a time of great instability. We need to remember that. In the near future, they will try to assemble again. We need to be ready for them. And ready to shut it all down.

It's our country, too. And they were never fighting for me. Were they fighting for you?

Music Corner

The Devil Went Down To Georgia is a song that everyone knows. I think that it is fitting for today's entry. The devil was looking for a soul to steal, so he gathered up his demons. He brought them all to what he thought was going to be a gimme of a situation. Instead, he encountered someone that was in no way swayed by him. Johnny was not scared or awed by the devil. In fact, he saw right through him and knew that not only could he beat him, but he could come out on top. 

We need to be like Johnny. We are in the right here. No matter the flash and charisma, we are the victors. It is our crossroads to play fiddle for, let's show them what we can do. 

I guess I should share some facts, too. The song was originally released in 1979 by Charlie Daniels and his band. The basic melody was written by Vassar Clements in 1975 on his self-titled album. Daniels played guitar on that album, he (along with his band) later dropped the song an octave and wrote the words to go along with it. 

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