All Hat, No Cattle.

 It seems my post yesterday was written just a touch too soon. 

In traditional narcissistic behavior, it seems someone just couldn't help himself. And he is back for another round of "let's see just how far I can push this province until I bankrupt it financially and emotionally". He is giving off real Ross and Rachel "I didn't cheat, we were on a break vibes" with this stunt.

Our friend Jason Kenney is like that itch you just can't get to. After less than 24 of being gone, he came back. Someone on his team even posted a not-at-all staged video of him walking into the board room to get down to business. Our little dancing buddy even got a (not rehearsed at all) standing ovation from the ministers within. Only a couple of them had the dignity to look uncomfortable about the backward pageantry of it all.

I guess the good news is that he has said he is only back in leadership until the UCP party finds a good leader. Looking at the majority of the candidates, I think he could be there for a while. 

I get the part about the party not wanting to be rudderless with all that is going on in the world, but this reads to me like Randy, (whoops!) Jason either never learned about "no takebacks", or he really just doesn't care and like many abusive people decided to be dramatic just to see if people would want him back or not. 

There are a lot of supporters of our (do we still call him premier? Or pro-tem?) "leader" that still don't see JK for who he is. I hope, maybe, after this last stunt, and him walking back into the room as though nothing happened, might show them at least a little bit of who he really is. 

Our province isn't important to him, in his world he is the only thing that matters. Our province will continue to falter under his ego-driven one-man show. Imagine being told that 28% of the people you work for think you're doing a good job, and only 51% of your close co-workers support you. It must be nice to get those numbers and still have the guts to walk around with that much swagger. 

My husband's granddad taught me a saying that I think applies here. All hat, no cattle. Kenney really is all show, no go. Every time I think he can't get any worse, he proves me wrong. I don't have a lot of faith in his party being able to produce a good leader, I mean look at him. But, if they allow him to continue without even trying to replace him after he said he was leaving, we should take it as approval for his actions. I am sure he will.

Music Corner

Inspired by the saying from above, today's track is All Hat No Cowboy by The Belles. I can't say I know much about country music, but the lyrics to this one really spoke to me. Check it out if you have a moment.

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F*ck You Haiku 

Move On, Motherf*ucker 


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