Does The Universe Know?

 I am a big believer in signs from the universe. 

Not just from the universe, but I also think that loved ones who have passed send us little messages from time to time. 

Now, I am aware that both of these beliefs may just be tools for dealing with loss or dealing with life every day. And I am ok with that. Both are also family-held beliefs. When my mom and I see dragonflies, we think of her mom. When I smell Noxzema or tobacco I think of one of my grandfathers. For the other, it's Old Spice and Lamb's Navy Rum. 

As an example, when my daughter was born she had a collapsed lung and a few other issues. We couldn't hold her for the first few days. And no one was really able to tell us what was wrong. One of the times that my mom stepped outside to get a break from the NICU, she was surrounded by dragonflies. A cloud of them came out of nowhere and buzzed around her for a few minutes. She felt calm, and like her mom had come to tell her it was going to be ok. And it was. 

Coincidences and Deja vu are both phenomena that I think let you that you are on the right path. 

I realize that this all sounds a little out there, super new age. And I suppose in some ways it is. Both are probably some form of coping mechanism. And I am okay with that. It is comforting to think that the universe is looking out for us and that we aren't out here alone with no guidance. The idea of our loved ones still looking out for us and wanting us to know that they are still around is also a big comfort. Who doesn't want to know that you have a crew in your corner, cheering you on?

Personally, I like knowing that there is a path out there for me. That while there is a general finish line, the choices in getting there are mine. Sometimes, I will choose the more difficult path. It will be filled with thorns and scary noises. Other times, hopefully, most times though I will choose the sunshine path. The funny thing is though, I will learn more on the thorny path. 

As the old saying goes by Ralph Waldo Emerson: it's the journey, not the destination. 

Music Corner

I would be remiss to not choose Pennies From Heaven by Louis Prima for today's song. I'm sure most people know the song, if not the whole thing, they are aware of the "shoo bee doo bee" part.

Released in 1936 it was written by Arthur Johnston and Johnny Burke, and introduced by Bing Crosby and Georgie Still and his orchestra for the movie also called "Pennies from Heaven". Originally recorded by Billie Holiday, it was the Bing Crosby version that was featured in the film. More recently the song is probably either known from the "Elf" soundtrack, or from Tik Tok. 

Shopping Corner

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe


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