Take Time

 It's been one heck of a week.

One of those weeks when I understand why people run away and try to make a new life somewhere else with no connections to what they left behind. I get it, but I like most of the people in my life and it wouldn't make sense to take them all with me, so I guess I stay. 

One of the things that keep me going is the knowledge that we are all suffering through the same storm right now (just separate boats). I would say that most of us are not ok. But, we are all hanging on and that is where the power lies. 

The temptation to literally or metaphorically "take to the bed" is really high right now. As I have said before I am over living in historic times. We all are. There are a couple of good things coming out of this period of struggling though. 

I find I am more aware of finding joy in things. Spending time with people I like, in person. Sharing a laugh and creating some new memories. Returning to familiar places and not avoiding life. While I like being alone, I am not good at being solitary for long. I need people to charge my batteries, not all people and not all circumstances, but I digress. 

There's no shame in needing people and acknowledging it. 

One lesson that I have learned through this whole series of events is the power of the word no. And that you can use it without feeling any guilt. You can tell people that you are feeling overwhelmed, or that you'd just rather not. And for the most part, they get it. We are all a hair's breadth from falling apart, and while that's not a great situation, everyone understands it. Well, all the people I hang out with do anyway. 

These times that we are living in are a tremendous opportunity for growth if you choose to grow. One thing about sitting with one's self is that it's a lot quieter. You can hear yourself think and maybe, just maybe you'll figure out what it is you really need from yourself and the people around you. 

And from time to time, it's a reminder that it's ok to slow down and do some things for yourself, by yourself. Whether that be a long walk in a wooded place, a pint of ice cream and trash TV, or reading all those heavy philosophy books you've been telling people you've read but never have. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others, you've earned some grace.

Music Corner

Today is all about comfort music. Here's something about me that not everyone knows. I love opera music. According to my mom, I always have. When I am not turning to Nina Simone for a musical hug, I find another one of my listening pleasures involves Freddie Mercury. Freddie was also a fan of opera, and of one singer in particular. Monserrat Caballé is a legendary opera singer based in Barcelona, they met for the first time in 1987.

In 1988 came the opportunity to work together on a song for the Barcelona Olympics, taking place in 1992. While they couldn't find time in their schedules to record the song together at the time, they found times to perform it. The joined power of the singers in this song fills anyone's heart. The song is simply called Barcelona. the duo wound up recording an entire album together while Mercury was on hiatus from Queen. 

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