Trying To Make Sense

 Sadness comes in waves. 

Sometimes the waves are large and terrifying. 

Sometimes they are small, just enough to remind you that they are there.

Sometimes the sea is calm, and you forget about the waves.

There are days when the sea is calm and you are sailing along when a small wave comes and makes you pause for a minute, just to reflect. Other times, rogue waves come out of nowhere. They take you down with great force, and you have to fight to free yourself from their power. 

No matter what size the wave is, it does take effort and care to get yourself back into calm waters. From time to time and wave to wave, freeing yourself from the water can feel like more effort than you care to take. 

Other times, you pop back up without much effort at all.

Then there are the storms. You get hit with wave after wave. Tired doesn't even being to cover what you are feeling. Everything burns, you feel paralyzed, and you don't think you're going to be able to break free this time. There are times you are drowning and alone, then there are times you are surrounded by people who are suffering with you. 

Nothing feels right, and you don't know if you are ever going to make it back to land. You might make it out, but you keep a piece of that wave with you for a long time. Maybe always. We have all been pulled under, but we have to keep kicking for the surface. No matter how hard it is. 


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