Worry For The Future

 How much of parenting is just trying to get ahead of the problem?

Every time I think we have a handle on what is going on in the world, some new chaos arises and we are in information mode again. 

I have always been open with my kids no matter the issue, and I have shared my opinion and encouraged them to have and share their own. A healthy discussion with differing viewpoints where no one gets angry is always the goal.

As the issues seemingly become more personal and hot button-type topics, the discussions and information that is talked about and the research done into why it matters and how it matters is getting to be more frequent. 

There are certain benefits to living this close to America. In the past, it was good to know that they would protect and help us should something go sideways war-wise. It was good to have them as our main trade partner. We have the longest demilitarized border in the world with our southern neighbors, and that is something that we should be proud of. 

We are starting to see some of the larger drawbacks though. Not only are we more exposed to their media through TV and movies, but we are also exposed to their politics and all that comes with it. Within the last couple of years, something else has been creeping across the border. Not that I don't think right-wing extremism isn't here, and that it hasn't always been, it was just less out in the open, and there was less influence on elections, at least outside of backroom deals. 

There are some things that I took for granted as a Canadian that are now becoming things that I worry about in the back of my head when driving around, or not sleeping. Even when the Conservative party was in power in the early 2000s I wasn't worried about my rights as a woman. Lately, I am starting to worry. 

When the orange one first announced his bid for the presidency, I was convinced it was a Saturday Night Live sketch. Then when I realized it was real, I thought there was no way he could win. Then he did. He ran on a similar platform to the one that PP is running on now. Not one of logic, or one of anything substantial. He is running by giving you something to be mad about, he is running on the backs and hearts of people he would sit down and eat a meal with. He thinks he is far above those people he is appealing to. The sad part is those people see him as some kind of savior. Their only choice for their leader because he is one of them. He has never been, and will never be one. His suit would get dirty. 

I am afraid for the future of this country and afraid for my daughter's future. She shouldn't be grappling with losing rights. She should be moving forward with her fellow Canadians. the actions from January 6th in DC, and then in February in Ottawa prove that we are moving towards a more American-style political environment. We as Canadians cannot become their shadow. We are different, more caring, and less obsessed with what happens behind people's bedroom doors. 

It's time to prove to the rest of the world we are separate from the south. We are not the Lenny to their George. Please, before the next election look at what Jason Kenney has done to Alberta before you let Pierre do it to the rest of the country. Don't take away our daughter's rights. 

Music Corner

The song for today is one that while written in 1963 by two men, resonates still today. You Don't Own Me. Sung by a 17-year-old Lesley Gore became a theme for women's rights. It is an anthem to independence and belonging to yourself, something that some government officials should remind themselves of.

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You Don't Own Me - A Lesley Gore Biography


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