Canada Day

 It is Canada Day eve. 

Usually spent camping, fireside, with a good chance of someone nearby shooting off some fireworks. 

Memories of burned marshmallows and sunburns, this weekend always felt like the start of summer to me. 

I have been a proud Canadian since I was old enough to understand what that meant. Our contributions to the world range from medical breakthroughs (Banting), to sports (Naismith), and our role as peacekeepers (berets). We have a lot to celebrate. 

We do need to acknowledge a lot of our failures as a nation as well though. Internment camps, starlight tours, and our treatment of Indigenous people in general (think drinking water). 

Then there is the waving of our flag. Since the convoy, I haven't seen anyone flying our flag in the same way. Instead of a feeling of pride and community, I now think of people who think that their rights triumph over everyone else. I think people who have moved so far from the truth and what I always thought it meant to be Canadian, that the rest of us may need to change our flag just to shake them off.

With all of this knowledge, and knowing that while many good things have been done in the name of our nation, we can't continue celebrating without also dealing with everything that has been swept under the rug. 

I know that this country has changed a lot in a little bit, and we will continue to grow. But we can't grow without trying to heal and at least admitting the things that we got wrong. I don't know if I will wear red tomorrow. I don't know if I will wave a flag, and sing the anthem (of any version). I do know that I will probably watch TV and still point out the people that are Canadian, or where in Canada it was filmed. I will probably listen to The Tragically Hip, Spirit of the West, Blue Rodeo, and whatever other Canadian musicians I have on my playlists. I also know that I will educate myself on residential schools, the Newfoundland Resettlement Program, and some other blemishes on our record. 

I will still love this country, I wouldn't want to be from anywhere else. But, we have some apologies to make, and some skeletons that need to come out of our metaphorical closet. It's the only way for us to be as great as we can be. 

Music Corner

you know what I have to do for this one. It's almost as though I have a most loved band. I am not going to go with one of The Tragically Hip's most known songs, I am going to go with one that I think should get more attention (among a few others). Thugs was the last single released from the album Day for Night. 

This song has all the classic Hip moments. Johnny Fay's drumming, Paul and Rob riffing together, Gord Sinclair and his bass. Then there are all the Gordism's thanks to the front man. He weaves a line from a 70s movie (based on an old book) in the opening lines, then he talks about cats, and also sneaks in a line from a classic bluegrass song. 

Shopping Corner

Day For Night

The Never-ending Present

Twelve Butterfly Bag


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