Canadian Conspiracy?

 The Klondike Papers.

If you pay attention to politics, you may have already heard about them. And they aren't about the wrapping on ice cream sandwiches. 

According to someone who is calling themselves a whistleblower, there is a church in Canada that has hatched a right-wing plot to not only have the Prime Minister "taken care of", but to place the furthest right of right people put in control instead. 

From what I have heard, the main part of this plan is a lawyer here in Calgary. Not only is he a member of a church with many whispered accusations behind it, but he is super-rich. And no one trusts the super-rich. 

I don't want to get too deep into the rabbit hole about this right now. I don't know how much truth there is to the allegations, and I find most conspiracy theories to be easily debunked and the people truly obsessed with them might need a grippy sock vacation. 

These papers hold some of the same bases as many other popular theories. That the rich are banding together to control the lives of the not-rich. It underlines the whispered thoughts of those who believe that the government is essentially The Muppets with less flair and fun fur. 

This is the first one I have heard though that affects the right-wingers trying to damage the left. The details are also much more violent and have action movie-style villains in the wings and controlling the wires. 

I don't think I would be too far off-base to say that conspiracy theories have been around since long before the advent of traditional government. They are a part of a functioning society, maybe not the healthiest part, but a part nonetheless. I find that the people who really get behind and deep dive on these are generally ones who are looking for something within themselves. People who don't feel like they belong, and somehow feel like if these theories are correct, then it makes sense as to why they feel separate. 

Either way, no matter how wacky the whispers get, we should pay attention. The truth can be flexible, and we shouldn't believe in everything we read or hear. The newest issue with these theories is how quickly they spread thanks to the internet. 

So if you do start hearing about them, keep your thinking on, and your tin foil hat off. 


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