The Little Things

 Here we go with a brand new month. 

June brings with it many busy days, my daughter will be graduating from junior high, my son will find out when he goes into the navy, and it's finally summer. All very exciting things.

June brings with it all of the end-of-school-year stuff as well. Last night we attended my daughter's last band concert at this school. She played, she emceed, she told some bad jokes. It was a good night for her. One highlight of the night though gave me a little bit of hope in our society. I would like to see it as a purely Canadian moment, but I don't think our country is the only one that looks out for each other. 

Anyways, the venue the concert was held in has paid parking lots. For whatever reason, of the four pay stations that were in the lot, only one was working. The line got longer and longer as the machine wasn't exactly all the way user-friendly. This is where the good part came in. When someone would finish paying for their parking would finish, they would wait at the machine to show the next person how to use it. This continued for about ten different people before I went into the theatre. 

It was a little thing, probably nothing anyone would give a second thought to. But over the last year, it seems like we have forgotten to think about other people and there was a working example of us looking out for each other. It is sometimes the little silly things that brighten my day. 

I really enjoy simple courtesies, the little driving waves, a smile when you accidentally make eye contact with someone, and a thank you when you hold the door open for someone. All the parts of daily life that used to be more commonplace.

There are parts of days gone by that I don't care for. Parts that seem to be trying to make a comeback under our current government. You thought I had given up talking politics. Haha. 

I am at base a hopeful person, in my theory, you need something to look forward to that keeps you moving ahead. Right now, part of that is looking forward to an election. Things need to be shaken up. I was watching the Ontario election in preparation for ours. Douglas and Kenbabe (Jason Kenney) have a lot in common. Lots of "do as I say, and ignore what I do".  There seems to be the same energy in both provinces when it comes to our leaders. 

Somehow Douglas survived the election and came back with a majority. Only 38% of those eligible to vote did so. These results make me worried. I can see the same thing easily happening here. I don't trust JK saying that he is stepping down. I also don't trust those coming up behind him. We need change. We need to stop putting large company profits first. How are we dealing with large surpluses and still paying almost $2 a litre for fuel? Because our current leadership doesn't care about us, they only care about lining their pockets and helping their rich friends get richer.

Next year we have a provincial election of our very own, please, please, get out and vote for change. I don't know how much longer the average Albertan can hang on.

Music Corner

Today's selection comes from my daughter's year-end show. One of the songs they played was Moondance, originally by Van Morrison. A favourite song of my mom's and one that always gets my toes tapping. The band themselves did a good job of it. Released as a part of the album of the same name in 1970, the song itself was not released as a single until 1977. 

I am not going to get into why Van Morrison might not be a great person, why? Because I don't have the time to list all the examples. And if you want a laugh, look up Jimmy Fallon's Van Morrison sketch on SNL.

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