What Are You Willing To Lose?

 I have talked about this before. 

So if some of the things I say in this post sound familiar, it may be because it is something I have said before.

Some points in this issue bear repeating, and sometimes to feel truly heard, you have to repeat yourself.

So, it actually happened. Roe Vs. Wade was repealed. And almost half the states in America have either made abortion illegal already or are working on it. In some states, like Texas, people had appointments made and had traveled to appointments. Only to show up and find the clinics closed. 

This wasn't a surprise really. That is what happens when the highest court in the land is stacked to one side. R V. W isn't just about access to safe abortion though. It is also about privacy in health care and accessing health care safely. Part of the explanation for the repeal is that things like abortion, contraception, gay marriage, and interracial marriage were not specifically mentioned in the constitution. 

My question to that is that Jesus didn't have anything specific to say about abortion, gun control, homosexuality, or interracial marriage. So, how can his "word" be used by the people to defend being on the side of the repeal?

The "righteous right" use the words of the Bible to excuse and explain themselves. But they are also the keepers of hypocrisy. They use the bible as a tool. They twist the words to suit themselves, as with most pieces of the written word it is up for interpretation. And that means there is no one way, there is no correct way. And yet behind the scenes, they pay for their mistress's abortions. And then when they are caught "sinning" they cry their crocodile tears, and they throw themselves at the foot of the other believers. Believers who get to liken themselves to Jesus and pat themselves on the back for forgiving the sinner. Because that is what Jesus would do. 

But Jesus, in their words would also refuse to judge their fellow people. Refuse to take their right to love and be loved, refuse to not allow someone to get the help they needed. Medically or otherwise. For the most part, these followers of "the word" do not truly follow. They pick and choose what they will live by, and forget the rest. 

You may be reading this and wondering why I care so much. I live in Canada. In June of 2021, 81 Canadian conservative MPs voted against abortion. I should say that it was abortion in the case of sex selection. But that is the first step. 

I am scared and angry. How can my daughter be given fewer rights than I have, than my mother has? 

There is no time for tears without work, no time for handwringing and standing back. We must step forward and vote for those that will protect our rights. We must not allow more America to creep across our border. As the convoy prepares to meet in the capital again, it is a reminder of what it looks like out there right now. You may think that you are safe and that your rights are not at risk. I never thought that Trump would get into power. I never thought that being gay or having access to healthcare would be illegal. But here we are. We need to stop it in its tracks here. 

We can't afford to stand aside and hope that common sense will reign. We are at the step before Gilead. We are in the times that they flashback to in The Handmaid's Tale. Don't let it become our reality. As it is said in that book: Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum (Don't let the bastards grind you down). Instead, fight them and remind them that they need to respect our existence or to expect resistance. Whatever protest slogan you feel, live it. 

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